Pet Tag Program

Pet Tag Program

We developed a unique customer retention and brand reinforcement program with Premium Mortgage in 2015. They were looking to reach out to their customers who financed a house through them with a special thank you gift. The thank you gift  included a pet tag with the homeowner's pet name with their brand new address and phone number engraved on the tag (with the other side of the tag branded with the company logo). 

The tag was inserted into a colorful and fun thank you card which was 'written' by Premium Mortgage's Pet Ambassador of the Month. This 'Ambassador' was a real pet owned by selectively chosen employees of Premium Mortgage.  The envelope was addressed not to the home owner, but directly to one of the pets with the engraved tags. Homeowners received this package in the mail within 30 days of closing on their house and attach to the pet's collar. 

This program has become so successful, it became a Rochester AMA Pinnacle Award Recipient. It has also gained so much acclaim that more than 20 other mortgage companies throughout the country have signed on. We've lost count of how many tags we've engraved, but a rough estimate is somewhere in the 20,000 mark since 2015. 

If you'd like to explore unique thank you programs like this, please reach out to us - we'd love to help. 

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