Cutting Board Program

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board with House of Morgan engraved

We believe heavily in that a customer that feels appreciated will be a customer for life. Our cutting board programs embody this philosophy and are so popular we've expanded into more than 10 states - and the magic key to this entire process is simple - it's personalization. 

Think about many times have you received a gift from a salesperson or company because you were a client of theirs? How many times did it just have the company logo on it? And do you still have this gift? Chances are that gift ended up in the back of closet, in your junk drawer or was thrown out completely after a given amount of time.

Now, what if that item has your name on it? I can tell you that I receive a promotional pen from the same company every year with my company name on it - I still have every single one of those pens, and why? Because it has my name on it. It's still just a pen, but because it has my name, I don't throw it out. 

Developed originally with Premium Mortgage in Rochester - they wanted to have their clients feel the same way. We wanted an item of usefulness, and item that could personalized, and an item that could be mailed easily. For a new homeowner, what better product than a cutting board? 

Monthly we receive lists from mortgage companies and real estate agencies throughout the country. The list includes the customer's mailing information and what the customer (or client) wants for personalization. We then take that information and engrave a personalized cutting board, package it up with a branded thank you card and mail the board DIRECTLY to the new homeowner on behalf of the real estate entity. 

We've taken this program from Premium Mortgage to just having a last name on the board, to the customer being able to opt-in and have whatever message they want on the board, to now engraving photographs of the homeowners new house on the board. Through all that we've also expanded nationally to mortgage companies as far away as Wyoming. How cool is that? I can tell you from the feed back we receive from our clients. It's very. very. very cool. 

With 3 laser engraving machines, we can produce nearly 300 personalized cuttingboards per day - so our turn time and efficiency are top notch. 

If you'd like to start a program like this with your company (we work with non-real estate entities too) please contact us to discuss this amazing opportunity.  


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